Welcome to Getifo

Greeting and very welcome to Getifo. We are some web enthusiastic young people trying to offer information from businesses and places in Tbilisi Georgia to people who are living and also tourists in Georgia. We already have collected many business information including phone numbers, descriptions, emails, websites, social profiles and last but not least location! Getifo Business Directory is planed to be profitable for businesses already active in Tbilisi, people living in Tbilisi and also people visiting the city for any purpose. We have listed active businesses in the city and still trying to list them all.

Getifo is not just a business directory but also it`s a community to share ideas and interests about the businesses in the city of Tbilisi. This is going to be done by people who contribute to our community. We kindly thank all of you who have shared your experience with others. The idea is to prepare so much information and help people who need any services in the city so that they can decide where to go and from whom get their services with the best quality and also price. Hence, leave some comments to the pages at which you have an experience.

There are many aspects which we are trying to help people and businesses. One major aspect is definitely connecting businesses and costumers across the city. When you need something in Tbilisi and you do not know where to get it you can easily search it on Getifo and find the best one for you. Even when you know where to get your service or product, still you can search it and compare some of them with each other to find the best.

The other aspect on which we are working, is active businesses in Tbilisi. That means, all businesses in Tbilisi can have at least one page on Getifo to promote their business and tell people about it. If you have a running business in Tbilisi, you are kindly invited to have your own business page here on Getifo. First of all please search your business to make sure it is listed on Getifo. Afterwards, you can continue to the instructions and claim your business. On the other hand, if you could not find your business, simply add it to Getifo and customize it as you wish.

Finally, We want you all to know that we are doing our best to serve you all the features needed for a business directory but we are not perfect for sure and there might be lacks of some things. Share with us what you think and any possible suggestions for making our services better. Email us at info@getifo.ge

Some of features businesses can benefit from Getifo:

  • Add businesses with all needed information fields
  • Having image galleries in your page
  • Clickable phone, website, email and social profiles
  • Being listed on Map
  • People can get direction to your business
  • Thousands of page views per day
  • Being connected directly to costumers
  • Having your costumers to rate your business and write a review
  • Featured businesses are listed upper in search results
  • and many other great features

Some of features costumers can benefit from Getifo:

  • Search and find any business name in Tbilisi
  • Search with our categories base on your needs
  • Get all information you need about businesses
  • Get direction to businesses right from Getifo
  • Rate businesses and write reviews about them
  • Decide which business to order your service or product based on reviews and ratings
  • Many other features