What is a featured business?

When you feature your business, it will be shown above the search results in your category. It is really easy to feature a business. On your listings page, click on feature and pay the price (15 GEL) to the bank account you see and done! We will do the rest from here on.

How can I Claim a Business?

Do yo want to claim a business? There are lots of businesses already listed in our business directory Getifo. By visiting this page, you can find your business and claim it.

What is a claimed business?

Here in Getifo, we truly care about your business and also about your decisions. Getifo invites all business owners to have their own pages with ability to editing and customization. When a business owner take control of a page on Getifo, the business is called “Claimed” and it will have a green check mark just beside the business name.

How can I list my business?

In order to list your business on our website you just need less than 5 minutes. Follow the steps tutorial to add your business on Getifo.

What is a listing?

Our website has one unique page for every business who wants to add its information. In fact we have a list of businesses in Tbilisi and we call every one of them “a listing”. So, start to add your listing or claim yours which is already listed.

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