The aim of is to simplify the process of issuing online loans. Credy has been working successfully for 10 years worldwide, including Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Mexico and so on. is the space where you can only connect up to 20 online loan issuers and choose the best of them, the most acceptable conditions. Our service is designed for your comfortable life. All your data with us are protected!

Save money and energy with credy!’s  Positive Parties belongs to JSC “Traffic Control”, an international company registered in Switzerland.

Using our service is 100% safe. Personal data is fully protected and will only be credited to trusted partners. requires only a few minutes to complete a quick installment loan, after which it automatically selects the best conditions and discusses the application. If the online loan is approved, you will see the amount in your account in the shortest possible time.

Do not lose time in infinite formalities. Use our services, save time and money – everything is only available online!

Quick loan

Fast online loans are issued without any information. Quick loans will help you solve your financial problem easily.

Online credit

There are various types of credits in the credit market. Learn how to get quick online credit and what is needed to get it

Interest free loan

The interest-free loan will quickly solve your financial problem. Learn all about interest-free loans

Online loan

Loans are the easiest way to get money online. A quick online loan will be issued within 15 minutes without submission of reports.

Micro loan

Get a micro loan easily online. Choose a small loan with the best conditions

Loan online

Get a loan today, leave without leaving your home for 10 minutes and complete the online application for you!

Consumer loan without collateral

Loans without collateral are distinguished with more protection, as the property is not guaranteed

Take the loan easily without leaving home”Mason to Salary” – What should we take into account when making a loan?

Get the loan fastReceipt of the application is available within 15 minutes after the application is approved!

Loan for unemployed

Whether you’re working now or not? But you can get a loan – you can ask us and get a loan!

Loan best conditions

Do not know which credit company do you have? Which offers the best conditions? Complete the application for Credy and save time!

Non-bank loan without formalities

The formal side of the loan is minimized to us in order to receive the desired amount of the best terms.

Quick loan without references

You do not need a certificate of employment or any other document for online loan application.

Loan for persons with debt

If you have a financial backing problem, you can fill in the application and get a quick online loan!

Your loan – Your terms

Choose the best conditions for your loan – will provide you with mediation and help you find loan terms.

Consumer loan for personal use

Consumer loan for personal use

Long-term loans in low percentage

With the help of you will be able to get long-term loans in the lowest percentage.

Loan Calculator – Calculate Costs

Loan calculator is very easy to calculate costs and tax calculation calculation.

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