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Take Away, VIP-hall, Wi-fi, For banquets, Business meetings, Business – lunch, Entertainment, for Fans, Gurmanes, Birthday Party, European Cuisine, For Corporate Party, Coupe, Lunch Menu, Delivery Service, Panorama, Parking, For Family Gatherings, For wedding parties, For tourists, For buffet dinners, Georgian cuisine, Wine Card, Beer on tap, Live Beer, Live Music, kanchiHofbräu beer brewing was established in 1598 by the Duke of Bavaria in Munich, and he ordered the Guillermo V – result, HB was given the name of the best beers in the world. Old German-style interior, heavy “knightly” chairs and tables, stone and brick masonry and wood Biegel. The restaurant offers both Georgian and European-German cuisine and delicious dishes.

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  • Address Soliko Virsaladze St 7, Sololaki, Tbilisi

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