How To Add Your Business

In order to list your business in our website you just need less than 5 minutes. Follow the steps below to add your business on Getifo.

1- Login or Register with us

Login with your account or Register in just 1 minute. You can Login/Register with your social accounts like Google, Facebook or Yandex.

2- Start Adding your business

When you are logged in successfully click on Add Your Business button on top of the page or from your dashboard area click on Add a new business.

Add your business on getifo business directory

Add your business on getifo business directory

3- Type of the business

When you go to add business page you first need to choose the type of your business. Base on your choice we will provide you with appropriate form.

Add your business on getifo business directory

4- General

When you choose your business type you will be directed to a form to fill. Fill the form According to your business information. The more information you provide us, the easier people could find you on the internet. You need to prepare us with your business name, description, Featured image (which is your main image).

Add your business on getifo business directory

5- Branding

In the next part you can work on your Branding. We care about your brand and we show it to everyone for you. Choose your brand Slogan and Logo if you want to.

Add your business on getifo business directory

6- Banner

In this part you can choose what you want to show on top of your business page. We have some options and here they are:

Add your business on getifo business directory

  • Simple: If you choose this one, top part of your page would be simple without any picture or anything else. You will see just your Business name and Slogan or Logo (if you have chosen them before).
  • Featured image: Your Business page will have your featured image as a banner. Just remember to choose your picture wisely and appropriate to the size of the banner place.
  • Custom image: You can choose and upload another picture for your business page and it will be your banner. In this case also check the size of your picture to be appropriate for the banner.
  • If you want to have a video on top of your page as your banner, you can paste your video URL or upload it in your gallery and then take the URL here.
  • Google map: You can show others your map as your banner but as we already give you the location option, we do not think that you need this one. But still you can choose how your business page should be. So, it is your decision to make.
  • Google map street view & Google map inside view: You have the option to choose one of these items for your page. Before you can customize them you need to activate them first in Location part which we will explain later in this tutorial.

 7- Galley and Video

If you want to have Video or Gallery of pictures on your business page, you can easily add them in these steps.

8- Categories

This part is really important to us and you as well. Choose exactly and as many as you can from the list of categories related to your business. If you need more categories and they are not there for you, just email our support team at and they will add your desired categories to this part.

 Add your business on getifo business directory

9- Location

In this part you will pin your address on Google map. First choose Tbilisi and your region from the Location/Region and then type in your address and pin it. if the map could not understand your location you can pin the marker manually by dragging it and place it where you want to.

Add your business on getifo business directory

In this part you are able to set Google street view and Google inside view for your business page if they are provided by google in your region.

10- Contact information, Social network information and Working hours

In these three parts add your contact information one at each place. Should you need more space to fill, just let us know by emailing us at and we will prepare it for you.

11- Save

Do not forget to save your business at the end. We will review it and publish it for you.

That was all. in just some minutes you have your own business page with lots of options to edit and customize it.