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Hotel Contract Georgia is a company whose main direction is the product consultation, procurement planning and procurement of interior and exterior materials for hotel, restaurant, medical facilities, commercial buildings and various types of construction projects. The company offers business consulting services to the interior and exterior materials (Prodact Consulting – Consulting and recommendation services for product selection, finding, budgeting and optimization).

Hotel Contract Georgia is the world’s leading manufacturer of companies on the Georgian market whose products have certificates, which in turn guarantees the quality. The mission of the company is to popularize procurement consulting and procurement planning services. The popularity of the field allows to increase the quality and quality of the projects implemented in Georgia; To be consistent with their modern international standards, that they do not need to modify and reconstruct / renovate a short and medium period.

The Hotel Contract Georgia’s goal is to offer a wide range of European and American brands products, to promote the use of modern technologies and products made of natural, ecologically clean materials.

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