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“Inventors club of Georgia” is non-for-profit organization officially registered since 12 April, 2012. We help independent inventors, innovators, designers and creative people to show, promote and implement their ideas, inventions, designs, artworks etc. at the exhibitions in the Georgia and abroad. We cooperate with different partners worldwide and participate at expositions, conferences, symposiums and similar events.


  • Establish business partnership between inventors and entrepreneurs
  • organize meetings
  • Offer professional consultation in patenting, technical, financial, legal and other fields.
  • Protects inventor’s rights and help youth and woman innovators actively represent their projects for realization.

We strongly believe that only creative mind can change our environment and life. Therefore we continue to support this task with our colleagues.

  • Person Omar Bilonashvili
  • Address 0152 Varketili 4micr. 3 quart. 1 build. Tbilisi, Georgia

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