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A MUSSAN GROUP Çiftel Makina is a joint venture; it started briquette, parquet and curbing machine, concrete pipe machine and mold making activities in 1973 as father’s profession. From that day onwards, our company has started to grow fast thanks to its experienced and expert staff.It has contributed to the economy of the country with its domestic and foreign sales in the sector of briquetting machines, concrete plants and keystone machines.

Our company continues its commercial life in the modern facilities of Istanbul in response to all kinds of briquet – parquet – bims machine and mold demands. In addition, our company has made a position of reaching a certain market share in the foreign market and exporting to 21 different countries through our promotional activities

As one of the leading concrete block machine manufacturers in the sector, Çiftel Makina continues its production philosophy, which meets the expectations of customers with high quality and reasonable prices, with the efforts of the engineers and qualified staffs in its field and constantly innovates and develops itself and its products with its knowledge and experience.

Çiftel Makina realizes that customers need to fully identify and meet their needs by offering customizable solutions. It ensures the most efficient use of the investments with every capacity and suitable concrete block production facilities. The goal of Çiftel Makina, which operates in over twenty countries, is to announce its name in the world with its products and services that go well beyond the expectations of its customers.

Our company Mussan Groffof is focused on the production of block blades and exporting it to Georgia. Based in Turkey, the Bloc Craft Company is one of the most successful areas in the field that gives the client a two-year warranty and supports the installation.

During construction, a large number of blocks are spent. The number of blocs required for a three-storey building is made in one day by our “Block of the Bloc”. As you prepare a few blocks, only the material will be spent on you, the savings amount will be paid to the half-automatic or complete automated bloc of the purchased.

The equipment supplied by us is different from the speed of the bloc or slip and the number of required personnel. For example, a 4.1 block blade is aimed at producing at least 2500 blocks (8 working hours). To see the detailed parameters you can switch to the representative of our store in Georgia. At one print it can print at least 4 pieces of the block.

Another type of block device, for instance, the blocking unit can produce almost the same speed, only an additional bulldozer needed for the finished concrete mix. This is called the blade of the blade because the blocks are pressed on the flat and solid surface of the manufacturing process. As the positive side of the area is very practical and easy to maintain, does not take much space and does not burn many electrical energy.

If you are a big construction business manufacturer or you want to have an automated factory with high print speeds and minimum workforce, then I recommend a full functionality of large scale and speed bandwidth or bloc. The predecessor differs from the fact that there is a retaining sine (a so-called pallet or a strap) that does not require any exposure to the wide surface of the blocks. It is enough to move the tiles of the blocked blocks into one another. Such bloc covers include cisterns, concrete automated gases and conveyor-wide paths. One click button can control the entire process. For detailed information, go to the link: Block Bloc.

Block cost prices reach 300,000 While the production speed is about 12,000 days. The blade of this block can produce not only the block but also any concrete figure: barite, half block, outer façade tiles, trowel concrete slabs, etc. It depends on the inserted shape you wish to purchase. Do not try to call me for more information.

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