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MyCaucasus is a Georgian-Swiss travel agency specialized in Caucasus region and offering individual tours, private tours and group travel in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

It is our mission to give people all over the world unique, memorable and authentic travel experiences, thereby promoting tourism in the Caucasus. Our trips to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are authentic and close to the people, in order that you get to know the countries not as a tourist, but as a guest.

The travel agency has locations in Georgia and in Switzerland with MyCaucasus LLC in Tbilisi and MyCaucasus GmbH in Baden.

Far away from the beaten path of mass tourism, we travel through the Caucasus. Together we discover the Caucasian countries and the people as they really are, because our Caucasus trips are authentic. We explore overwhelming landscapes, meet exciting people with fascinating stories and experience cordiality and hospitality. Do you want to travel to GeorgiaArmenia or Azerbaijan ? Learn more about our tours, trips and Caucasus travel experiences.

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